My SA-MP server isn't working?


Our SA-MP servers run of a Linux dedicated server. We host SA-MP servers on a Linux OS because of performance. We want to ensure all services are secure, reliable and fast.

As a result, all plugins uploaded need the .so extension. Plugins with the extension .dll are incompatiable with the Linux OS. We understand there are different Linux distributions and different plugins cater for different distrubutions. In these circumstances, please utilise plugins for the Ubuntu/ Debian distrubution. If you're unsure, feel free to contact support for more information.

Plugins should be uploaded to the "plugins" folder. If the plugins folder does not exist, please create a folder called "plugins" then upload the contents to that folder.

To ensure the server loads plugins, please edit your server.cfg and add the line "plugins". For example, if you wanted to add the sscanf plugin, you would either add or adjust the plugin line in your server.cfg as such: "plugins".

It is important that when adding plugins to the server.cfg, that you specify the .so extension. For example, "plugins sscanf" would be wrong and wouldn't load, whereas "plugins" would.

Another note, plugins are case sensitive. The Whirlpool plugin is often misspelt. There have been instances where customers have uploaded the plugin "" however in the server.cfg, they didn't capitalise the "w" - as plugins are case sensitive, "" and "" are different.

My server says it's started, but I can't ping it on my SA-MP client...

Please ensure you have the line "bind [Server IP]" in your server.cfg.

I couldn't load any gamemode scripts. Please verify your server.cfg

Please ensure you have a valid gamemode in your gamemodes folder and ensure it is listed correctly in your server.cfg.

Additionally, please check that all your plugins are valid and are named correctly in your server.cfg

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